In today’s world of dying payphones and landlines, it is impossible to survive without a cell phone. Cell phones have gone from simple mobile phones to revolutionary smartphones. I remember when I got my first phone, a ghetto lg flip phone without a camera that my Grandma passed on to me, my Grandma can barely manage a cell phone. My next phone was only a step better with a camera included. My next phone was a voyager which was the hot phone on the market, I enjoyed it for a while but after using it for quite a while it started to break and have problems so I upgraded to a Droid. When I bought my Droid I had to get a new phone; I was eligible for an upgrade and my Voyager was pretty much done. I really wanted to get an Iphone but money was an issue so I got a Droid. I loved my Droid for quite a while but now it is starting to fade; the battery life sucks, the service is slow sometimes, and it freezes or delays things often. I am almost due for an upgrade and I am considering an Iphone. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have because after a while you just get tired of it no matter how good of a phone it is because it is just not the same phone that you bought two years ago. Despite, the fact we have all these great luxuries we tend to complain because if what we have is not the best then we don’t really want it we want it. Noone wants an Iphone 4 anymore everyone wants an Iphone 5. Nobody cares about xbox anymore, it’s all about xbox 360. Technology is constantly improving each year as every aspect of technology goes to a whole nother world.