In the movie Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny; Jack Black and Kyle Gass form the band Tenacious D and go on a quest in search of the Pick of Destiny which every legendary guitarist has used (only in the movie). JB and KG find the Pick of Destiny after a long journey and are on their way to a gig they have set up as they desperately need to pay their rent and they look to prove that they are the greatest band in the world, however the two arrive at the venue and fight over who should use the pick only to end up breaking the pick. The guy working at the bar tells them they don’t need the pick to play good music so they walk into the bar to get their stage stuff set up, meanwhile the guard outside that they just talked to turns out to be Satan as he uses his power with the pick of destiny to complete himself by reattaching his tooth with the pick. JB and KG go back outside looking for the pick as they decide to both use it now that it is split in half but they are confronted by Satan who is now “complete”. As they are certain to go to hell; they challenge Satan to a rock off on the terms that if they win Satan must return to hell and pay their rent and if Satan wins he can take KG to hell with him. After Satan rocks out JB and KG fight him back with their music though they perform admirably they still lose. As Satan fires lightning at KG; JB intervenes and deflects the lightning with his guitar back at Satan breaking his horn off making him incomplete giving them the power to send him back to hell. This is one of the most memorable movie scenes I have ever seen because it is funny and because it was a scenario where two men are confronted by the devil and have no choice but to fight back which they do and they find a way to win and send him back to hell.

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